李壮平:东方神女 Li Zhuang Ping : Nude Goddess of the East

Chinese Artist Paints Daughter In The Nude As An Oriental Goddess

Li Zhuang Ping, Male, born 1948, President of Art, China Art Academy, with years of focus and experience, engaging in-depth study of traditional Chinese painting and oil painting. Foster daughter is also a successful painter. In 2008 together with her daughter, Li Qin, they produced oil-painting album “Chinese realism oil painter Li Zhuang-ping (李勤东) Mountain Goddess (山鬼) series of paintings collection. It won international acclaim. Also known as Oriental Goddess or Goddess of the East by some.

In this case, while the great oil painter Li Zhuang Ping painted her daughter, Li Qin in the nude, to the despise of the people of China and the authority, one need to look at the actual goods delivered, to decide if this is not another melanine-tainted story.

First, the daughter obviously does not have such big breasts as shown in the paintings, neither does she possesses that physical built. Only the face looked very much like hers.

Secondly, the tiger, leopard and lion are not in captivity in Li’s home, or else he or Li Qin would be mauled to death by now. Like these animals, he could have painted them and her daughter from pictorial references, being an expert that he is, this can be easily done. He just needed to take some photos of her daughter in various moods and facial expressions to achieve that, the rest is up to his imagination and inkling.

In short, there is no need for Li Qin to strip naked, stand or sit still in the jungle, with those creatures beside her, for hours. In fact, the body of Li Qin in the painting reminded me of that of top Japanese gravure model, Mikie Hara.

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I think this is the daughter with her grandfather.

Chinese Arts – Sado Macho style

Chinese Arts are taking on a very exciting transformation. The influence of the West is very strong in these pictures of a nude lady tied and bonded for only one purpose – to be painted or pictured. A mix of nude arts with traditional Chinese Arts make these pictures very unique. The appearance of a male figure would destroy this tranquility of an Arts and bring the whole concept towards Porn and not Art anymore.

These are original black-white photos and not color faded pictures.

More Nude Porcelain-Painted Girls in China

This is copied from the ceramic expo which started this porcelain-body-painting craze. Only this time, it is a car show. I would have thought they will paint them with grease and/or Shell Formula One oil. I would love to watch how these ceramics crack in those cars.


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