Madonna Flashing Her Nipple At Istanbul Concert

So apparently Madonna flashed her boobs at a concert in Paris over the weekend. But before we show you that assault on the eyes, first we have to show you last month’s nipple flash in Istanbul, Turkey. One would think Madonna is too old for this kind of publicity stunt but this is her bread and butter so we are going to have to live with it until her nipples fall off. After the nipple was presented, she turns her back to the crowd. And on her back is are stenciled words that reads: “No Fear.” Not sure even the young Muslim males in Turkey would be that interested in seeing a baggy old nipple. But kinda disappointed the Islamists there didn’t declare jihad on her ass…. Anyway, this assault on the eyes set of photos has been sitting on around and we just have to post it already. Madonna is a celebrity and these are pictures of her boobs and nipples so we are like obligated to have on the site. We apologize… Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


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