More than 100 celebrities hacked, nude photos leaked download [part 3]

More than 100 celebrities hacked, nude photos leaked download [part 3]

Part 1: http://scandalcorner.com/more-than-100-celebrities-hacked-nude-photos-leaked-download-12-gb-videosphotos/

Part 2: http://scandalcorner.com/100-celebrities-hacked-nude-photos-leaked-download-part-2/

After nude photos of more than 100 A list celebrities were leaked online three weeks ago, Nina Dobrev, AnnaLynne McCord and Joanna Krupa have become the latest victims of the hacker.

Private photos of the celebrities have surfaced on platforms such as 4chan and Reddit, reported asianscandal.net.

Although the pictures of The Vampire Diaries star featured the actress clothed, naked photos of McCord and Krupa in compromising positions were circulated on the internet.

Other stars who are reportedly affected by this round of leaks include Leelee Sobieski and Aly Michalka. According to a “master list” shared on 4chan, hackers are in possession of stolen photos and videos of over 100 celebrities.

Nude photos of Hollywood stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and Kirsten Dunst were leaked online by an anonymous hacker last month.

Weeks later, Hollywood was again hit by the iCloud hacker, when pictures of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard and Scarlett Johansson were leaked online.

Update Vol 3 (5 October 2014)

Alexandra Chando 亚历山德拉·香度

Anna Kendrick 安娜·肯德里克

Anya Ayoung Chee

Aubrey Plaza 奥布瑞·普拉扎

Bella Thorne 贝拉·索恩

Cara Maria Sobello

Carly Foulkes

Carly Pope 卡莉·波普

Carrie Michalka [Aly&AJ的母亲]

Emily Browning 艾米丽·布朗宁

Emily Ratajkowski 艾米丽·拉塔科夫斯基

Jenny Mccarthy 詹妮·麦卡锡

Lauren Skaar

Lizzy Caplan 丽兹·卡潘



Celebrity iCloud hacking scandal

Google has responded to the $100 million lawsuit they were slammed with earlier in regards to the celebrity nude photo leak. However, you can download free from LoveScandal.Net. Update newest vol 3




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All folder model Part 3


More than 100 celebrities hacked, nude photos leaked download [part 3] Download

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Update at December 25, 2014. Full Download


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