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Sexy PRC Model Posing Naked In Hotel Room Part 1

Okay, we have a lot more photos and some info on the hotel room chick in the post two weekend ago. The woman several people were saying is a lawyer from Malaysia. Turns on my first hypnosis was correct and she is just some PRC model in Taiwan doing some nude modeling. She is not from Malaysia but rather she is a Chinese model from Guangdong”廣東,” China. The pictures were taken last year, her name is Ke Er or Kore (可兒) ? and her nude pictures are associated with the leaked nude photos scandal from earlier this year of young PRC models freelancing and earning money from amateur photographs in Taiwan before they got somewhat famous in China. And got really famous after the leak!

This chick is one of many models from the People’s Republic of China who did this and her pics have now leaked to the public. Anyway, her complete hotel room set is almost 300 pics so lets break it up and make it a two parter with part one consisting of the first 152 pics. Damn, I hoped she was really a lawyer from Malaysia because I do so really need her legal services very badly. Click on pictures to enlarge.





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