Teenage girlfriend foreplay with her college lover

Free download movie "Teenage girlfriend foreplay with her college lover"

A guy has an affair with his college classmate and one day invites his late teenage girlfriend over to his place. The girlfriend reaches his place and the guy starts flirting with her. The girlfriend also gets excited and starts talking dirty with him. The boyfriend then takes her to his bedroom and starts undressing her. The girl is wearing black colored lace bra and yellow colored satin panties. The huge boobs and her huge ass are barely contained in her skimpy undergarments. Teenage girlfriend seduces her college lover and foreplay The girlfriend also starts striping her boyfriend and removes all his clothes. The boyfriend then starts kissing her on her lips and sucks her lips. The girlfriend kisses him back with equal passion and bites his lips while kissing him. The boyfriend then starts pressing her huge boobs and squeezes them as the girlfriend moans in pleasure. The girlfriend then starts fondling her boyfriend’s cock and balls over his undies. The girlfriend then makes her boyfriend lie down on the bed on his back and got on top of him and started dry humping him. The girlfriend started riding her boyfriend in cowgirl sex position and the guy starts playing with her boobs as she removed her bra.

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