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Recently, the Internet out of “You Are the One” Lu Xue female guests a full set of indecent exposure of private photo shoot sets of plans, led to the crazy netizens to download. But as far as you’re the one confirmed, the so-called private Xue Lu took out large-scale sets of plans in person, not her own, but some malicious slander, resulting in adverse effects.

You Are the One” female guests Lu Xue

You Are the One” cup with the Exposure Manor, Yan Feng Jiao, Xue Lu successive

Before “You Are the One” a cup, and out of a woman worships money and Mano, Yan Feng Jiao, Xue Lu, another recent photo to be indecent exposure. Since the start of organized, as if you’re the one always did, “corpuscles,” too, which was once known as the “bad example to the younger generation Mate Air” programs, which have been emitted Manor, Zhu Fang true, such “gates”. It is said that if you’re the female guests Lu Xue crazy indecent photos are reproduced on the Internet users dispute, Jiangsu Satellite TV have confirmed by this group is not indecent according to Xue Lu himself. Since the outflow of private Lu Xue shot, people’s eyes to focus again the “non” and to let the storm has been Yan Feng Jiao program group had once again withstood some test. In fact, the final analysis, according to Xue Lu, indecent exposure is detrimental to himself.

Recently, the hottest online characters, comes as the second woman known as the Yan Feng Jiao Lu Xue guests, from a size of 237M and 262p sets of plans led to the crazy netizens spread to download the latest Internet address is also shared become a major forum for hot topics. So far, the event has not yet stop sign, also gradually increase their influence.

“You Are the One” from the camera Xue Lu

Network indecent according to the raging wild

In early 2008, almost all of the entertainment newspaper headlines have left a person, it is Edison. He’s gone too far with many beautiful star has really made the New Year Pornographic extraordinary flies up.Edison Chen sex photo after the opening of the world, Zhang Ziyi and her boyfriend on the beach close sensational photos exposed in front of everyone, even the NBA there are also a replica of the Pornographic.  By 2010, the “beast beast door” and “You Are the One” female guests Yan Feng-Jiao’s nude photos, so you stare, the world’s “Sexy Photos Gate” has not shut the. ! “Pornographic” is like the power of the atom bomb, but it is a soft bomb, killing the only thing that each person will pitiful!

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