Zhang ziyi scandal – Frolicking on the beach with her billionaire ex-fiancé

Zhang ziyi scandal

Actress Zhang Ziyi has vehemently denied extraordinary Chinese reports she earned £64million by prostituting herself to a string of powerful Chinese men.

During the period in question she was alleged to have slept with disgraced politician Bo Xilai, she was happily in a long-term relationship with Aviv ‘Vivi’ Nevo.

In these photos taken four years ago, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star, 33, is seen holidaying with her former fiancé in St Barts.

Movie star: Zhang Ziyi, one of China’s most high-profile actresses, looked svelte in a red bikini on holiday in St Barts four years ago

Zhang, pictured with former boyfriend Aviv Nevo, is alleged to have earned £64m as a prostitute

Zhang is pictured performing stretches during a holiday with her former fiance in St Barts in 2009

Save all your kisses for me: Zhang removed her bikini top as her partner delicately placed some kisses on her shoulders

Staying limber: The athletic actress got a helping hand from her man as she pulled her legs back and forth

Staying cool: The famous star kept hydrated by drinking from a bottle of water as she began to put her bikini top back on

Who wants tan-lines? Zhang relaxes on a towel topless in a bid to avoid tan-lines on her back

Oh, Nice Breasts, I want make love with here….

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